Biography of Rector Rowshan Ara Begum, ppm, ndc


Rowshan Ara Begum, ppm, ndc
Rector (Addl. IGP

Rowshan Ara Begum, ppm, ndc had developed a passion for justice and equality since her childhood and adolescent years. As a result, after earning a Master of Social Science (MSS) degree from the University of Dhaka, she began her professional police career in February, 1988 and served in a variety of high-profile positions including Assistant Police Commissioner of the Accounts Section, Reserve Office, Traffic Division and Training Unit of Dhaka Metropolitan Police – the largest police unit of Bangladesh Police.

Due to her dedication and hard work, she was the first woman police officer in the Bangladesh Police given the responsibility of a Superintendent of Police (SP) at the district level. She successfully performed her duty as the SP of Munshiganj district from 1998 to 2000. She later served in different units as Deputy Commissioner, Additional Commissioner and Acting Commissioner of Police. Throughout her career, she has been dedicated to guarantee law and order, prevent crime, ensure security for public life and establish a people-friendly democratic policing system. She was twice awarded with the “Inspector General Good Services Badge” for playing an important role in controlling terrorist activities, arresting terrorists, and recovering illegal drugs, arms, and ammunitions.

Ms. Rowshan is a strong supporter of women’s rights. She works with communities, political leaders, journalists and others to create awareness of violence against women and children, by championing women’s rights issues including women’s education and combating human trafficking. As recognition, she was awarded the Anannya award in 1999 given to an outstanding woman in Bangladesh from the national magazine, Anannya.

Her dedication to policing goes beyond her national boundaries. She served as a Crime Analysis Officer in a UN Peacekeeping Mission in Kosovo, and as Chief-of-Staff, UNMIS-UNPOL Peacekeeping Mission in Sudan. At the same time she served as ex-officio President of Women’s Network for UNMIS-UNPOL with a membership from 42 countries. She is also a valued recipient of UNMIK Medal and UNMIS Medal.

At the inception of the Bangladesh Civil Service Women’s Network in 2010, she was a member of its executive committee. She held the position of the Focal Point of the BCS (Police) Cadre as well as the joint secratary general of the executive committee of Bangladesh Civil Services Women Network. She was the former President of the Bangladesh Police Women’s Network (BPWN). She actively supports engagement with community leaders, professional groups and NGOs (with importance to women’s rights). She was instrumental in obtaining approval from the Government of Bangladesh to host the 1st Asian Regional Women Police Conference of IAWP, with the theme “Leadership for Police Women in Asia,” in 2012. She is also the proud recipient of 2013 IAWP (International Association of Women Police) International Scholarship Award.

Ms. Ara had attended a number of seminars, workshops and training programs both at home and abroad including International strategic planning course in Police Staff College, Bramshill, England; Leadership Course for Female Leaders in International Academy, Bramshill, England; IAWP’s (International Association of Women Police) 50th Annual Training Conference in Newfoundland, Canada; IAWP’s 51st Annual Training Conference in Durban, South Africa and IAWP’s (Region-16) 2nd Regional Conference in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

She successfully completed NDC (National Defense Course) in the year, 2015. The aim of this highly prestigious course is to prepare selected senior officers of the armed forces, the civil services and the allied countries for taking higher responsibility in the direction and management of national security & development and she had efficiently graduated this highly distinguished & valuable course.

She is happily married and blessed with a daughter. At her leisure hours, she likes to spend time with her family and she also likes to travel both home and abroad. She is a source of gleaming inspiration to all the female officers of Bangladesh Police because of her successful, prestigious and bright career.