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Diploma/Masters Course

Master of Applied Criminology and Police Management:

The PSC is committed to offer advance study on contemporary policing, criminology and criminal justice. It aims at equipping police and other relevant agencies with critical insights on contemporary studies on security and criminology so that they can effectively and functionally perform their duties. At the same time it also offers study opportunities to the interested and potential candidates from non-police and non government organization to help them developing their careers more meaningfully in the security services.

The introduction of the graduate learning program on Master of Applied Criminology and Police Management has shed light on PSC’s academic endeavour. The program was launched in July 2016 to emphasize a strong work-based functional curriculum grounded for a sound police education. The curriculum and course credits of Master’s program reflect broader education objectives in applied criminology, police leadership and management and contemporary issues in policing in order to achieve a safer community. Today, Police Staff College is one of the nation’s premier criminal justice institutions. The college aims at bringing together very prudent & capable faculties and graduate students in diverse criminology disciplines to engage with issues of justice and diversity.

Overview of the Degree Program:

Master of Applied Criminology and Police Management is designed to provide training for mid-level/senior police officers (and professionals in police-related occupations) in the study of crime and crime-related issues with a strong emphasis on evidence-based policy and practice. The program emphasizes the development of leadership management and policy skills, which will help to strengthen their professional knowledge for policing. This course shall focus on management and personnel administration issues facing police organizations; methods to assess the issues in terms of their nature/cause and probable effect on the organization; and the impact of these issues on effective police service delivery. Upon completion of the degree program, graduates will be better prepared to assume leadership roles and act as change agents in the police department by conducting improved policy analysis, assessing police effectiveness through a rigorous research approach, and identify current trends in the areas of policing, criminal justice and criminology.

Program Structure:

Students are required to complete a total of 40 credit points for award of the Master of Applied Criminology and Police Management. Each course of study is equivalent to 3 credit points except Independent Research which carries the weight of total 4 credit units. The length of each semester is 20-22 weeks. Coursework in the program is assessed in a range of ways that include assignments, class presentations, class test, mid-term and final exams, thesis and practicum. The study mode is campus based. The students have to attend in person in the sessions.

Credit Points :40
No. of courses :15
Duration :12 Months
Teaching Period :Semester 1 (July), Semester 2 (January)

Program Objectives:

The program is designed:
• To enhance the career and professional development of police officers and the eligible candidates who are advancing to enrich their academic prudence.
• To offer an up-to-date and high-quality course, introducing senior police officers and suitably qualified others to some of the most important theories and practices of the cotemporary policing, criminology and police management issues.
• To develop the skills necessary to locate, interpret and analyze critically the various dynamics evolving in the current security domains.
• To develop the conceptual understanding necessary to evaluate research methods and findings.
• To facilitate course members to disseminate their acquired knowledge, skill, ideas and understanding to their respective field.

Outline of the Program


1st Semester
Course Code Course Title Credit
ACPM 5101 Bangladesh: State, Society and Law 3
ACPM 5102 Criminal Justice System of Bangladesh 3
ACPM 5103 Applied Criminology 3
ACPM 5104 Criminal Investigation and Forensic Science 3
ACPM 5105 Organized Crime and Terrorism 3
ACPM 5106 Research Methods and Applied Statistics in Criminology 3
ACPM 5107 Independent Study (Supervised Research) 2
ACPM 5108 Executive English Language Skill and Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Non-Credit
Sub-Total 20
2nd Semester
ACPM 5201 Contemporary Issues in Policing and Police Reform 3
ACPM 5202 Police Leadership and Management 3
ACPM 5203 Intelligence – led Policing and Crime Control 3
ACPM 5204 Police Operation, and Crisis Management 3
ACPM 5205 Human Rights and Policing 3
ACPM 5206 Project Planning and Financial Management 3
ACPM 5207 Independent Study (Supervised Research) 3
ACPM 5208 Protocol Management and Socialization 3

Criteria for Degree Requirements

Master Degree will be awarded to those students who will fulfill the following requirements:
• Students must earn a minimum overall GPA of 2.5 to be conferred the Master Degree.
• Students must maintain at least C in each Masters courses of the degree program.
• The successful completion of the thesis
• All requirements for the master’s degree must be completed within a three-year time period. The three-year time will begin with the term of admission to the Master’s program.
• Master’s students are expected to maintain continuous enrollment for a minimum of 6 credits each term until all degree requirements have been completed.